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Rev. Paul Rack, Interim Pastor

In April 2011, we welcomed our new Interim Pastor Rev. Paul Rack.

Rev. Rack is also the Stated Clerk of Elizabeth Presbytery, so he comes to us with a wealth of knowledge on Presbytery polity, and with all the latest happenings in our denomination. Here is a recent biography he wrote about himself that was presented to Presbytery in preparation of his ap proval as our Interim:

"I was born in 1955 in Bloomfield. My dad was in seminary then, and I grew up as "preacher's kid," in a series of manses, while my dad built two churches in New Jersey. That was the heyday of the church when we couldn't build them fast enough to meet the demand.

In 1972 he gave me a book called The Cost of Discipleship, which changed my life, made me a follower of Jesus, and turned me towards ministry. Much of my career has been a meditation on the message of that book, which is the importance of actually following Jesus, not just talking about him or mouthing doctrines about him.

Graduating from Princeton Seminary and being ordained in 1981, I was called as Pastor to three small churches on the Canadian border in New York, one of which was United Methodist. From there I moved to the Boston area where I served a small church in Waltham while I managed a theological bookstore in Harvard Square.

In 1988 I came home to New Jersey and served the church in Martinsville for 12 years. I was elected Stated Clerk of Elizabeth Presbytery in 2000, which position I continue to hold, and I served three Interim Pastorates since then: in Woodbridge, Fanwood, and Pittstown. All three are doing well now, which is how interims know if they have been successful.

I married my wife Susan in 2007. She is the Pastor of the church in Martinsville; so I moved back into my old house. I have an adoptive son, Daniel, who is now 17 years old.

In a changing world and a church very different from the one I was born into, I hear and respond to God's call to be a transformational/transitional leader in the church. I am interested in the missional and "emergent" movements in Christianity.

I also enjoy music, reading, writing, walking, theater, throwing a ball with my son, and baseball… the Mets."

He will be part time holding office hours here at the church a few days a week so stop by and visit, welcome, and get to know him.

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