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Presbyterian Women - "Gleaners"

The Presbyterian Women of Hope Church adopted the name "Gleaners" after the example of Ruth in the Bible. Just as Ruth gleaned the fields and used what others did not want or need, our women were the cornerstone of our church when it was believed nothing could be done to save it. In the early years of our church they used old discarded fabric to fashion quilts which were sold at auction. Discarded furniture was refinished and sold. Through their efforts the church was able to remain stable and continued to grow.

Today the women use unwanted items and creatively fashion them into objects that are then sold at local craft fairs. The funds raised are used to provide equipment and other supplies for our church kitchen. In the past, our funds helped build that kitchen and lay the rug. The proceeds from our annual February Love Calendar project help to pay the mortgage on our church.

New ideas are constantly broadening our range of mission and service to the Lord's people. For instance, we were recently able to purchase 40 new pew Bibles. When it became obvious that, with the growth of our congregation, not everyone had access to the existing Bibles in the pew racks, we were thrilled for the opportunity to fill a need. Many of our projects take place behind the scenes, but when we arranged to have all the windows and screens at the church cleaned, everyone noticed! We're also very happy to support our church school students and teachers whenever possible.

Through our Bible studies, we are constantly learning what God wants us to do with the lives He has given us. May He continue to bless our group as He has in the past.


The Presbyterian Women Group meets on the second Monday of the month at 1:00pm to 3:00 pm, September through June.

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